Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Discover Web Solutions (DWS) Terms of Service outlines the standard terms and conditions for the supply of hosting services offered. Use of services supplied by DWS constitutes acceptance and agreement with these Terms of Service.

Uptime Guarantee

DWS offers a 99.8% Network Uptime Guarantee for Shared & Dedicated website hosting, email transport and VPS Services. If your service has network downtime that extends outside this guarantee, a service credit to your account can be issued as per the following table:


Equivalent Time

Credit offered

99.8% – 100%

Downtime Allowed – 1 hr 28 mins

Standard SLA – 0%

99.5% – 99.8%

Downtime Allowed – 3 hrs 40 mins


98.5% – 99.4%

Downtime Allowed – 10 hrs 59 mins


97.5% – 98.4%

Downtime Allowed –18 hrs 18 mins


96.5% – 97.4%

Downtime Allowed – 25hrs 37 mins


Below 96.4%

Downtime above – 26 hrs 21 mins


Network downtime does NOT include planned maintenance, incoming or outgoing DOS or DDOS attacks, or issues connecting to the service via third party software. Customers will always be notified of a planned maintenance occurrence, usually scheduled well out of standard Australian business hours. Connection issues brought on by customer changes made to hosting configuration are also excluded from the guarantee.


Approval of refunds or credit is at the discretion of DWS dependent upon justification provided. The uptime of a service is defined by the reported uptime by our monitoring service (60 second polling) for a given month. To request a credit to your account, please contact our support desk at [email protected]. All requests must be made in writing.

Uptime and SLA credit is calculated on a monthly basis.

Setup fees, Domain Registration Fees and SSL Certificates Fees are non-refundable.

Service Disconnections

In the event of a breach of DWS Acceptable Use Policy or Non-Payment, DWS management reserves the right to suspend or disconnect the customer’s service(s). A re-connection fee of $40 (ex GST) will be payable to re-instate the account.

Without notice, overdue accounts may be suspended or terminated after 30 days. Accounts 30 days and older may attract a late fee equal to 15% of the total invoice. Management reserves the right to suspend an overdue account prior to the 30 day notice at their sole discretion.

Data Integrity

DWS does not give any express warranties in relation to the Services, including warranties that:

i)    Customers will have continuous access to, or usage of the Services; or

ii)   Data stored on DWS servers will not be lost or corrupted; or

iii)  It will be possible to restore customer content from DWS back up media; or

iv)   It will be able to prevent unauthorised persons obtaining access to customer content

The customer acknowledges that DWS does not and cannot control, supervise or edit any information or material accessed through its services and that DWS is not responsible for any content or information accessed via its services.

Account Cancellations

All account cancellations must be received in writing 30 days before the next billing cycle is due to the [email protected] email address. If not received before that time, you will be invoiced for another cycle as per your billing history.


Last updated June 2021


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